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    queue deletion

    Nick Breau Newbie

      I am able to programatically create a queue using the code bellow. Can someone point out what I need to call on server.invoke to programatically delete a queue ?

      ObjectName dm = new ObjectName("jboss.messaging:service=ServerPeer");
      new Object[] { queueName, queueName },
      new String[] { String.class.getName(), String.class.getName()}


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          Peter Johnson Master

          Call 'destroyQueue' passing the name of the queue. You can try it out using the jmx-console.

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            fredazom fredazom Newbie

            Hi All,

            I'm using destroyQueue (jboss-messaging-1.4.0.SP3 in JBoss 4.2.2 GA) and receive true from the invoke method

            Object result1 = mBeanServer.invoke(serverObjectName, "destroyQueue",
            new Object[] {queueName},
            new String[] {"java.lang.String"});
            System.out.println("Queue " + queueName + " destroyed");
            System.out.println("Queue " + queueName + " not destroyed");

            but this queue remains in JBM_POSTOFFICE table. Is it normal?

            When I delete it manually from the table (delete from JBM_...) and I try to create a new queue with the same name it doesn't appear on the table... Any hints?