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    JMS Connection Pooling


      Want to implement JMS Connection Pooling in our application ,as the time taken to create a JMS connection varies considerably.
      If anyone came across good JMS connection pooling ,do shed some light on it.
      I am using Jakarta common pool framework to create a JMS Connections.
      Consider the below scenario
      From standalone java component, i want to send a JMS message to JBoss MOM.For that i get a connection from pooling framework .After sending the message,i return the connection object to the pooling framework,but that standalone java component did not return from the main method and it waits indefinitely for the connection object to get close. Is their any way around to solve this problem.
      if i close the connection ,the main method returns and the program terminate normally.
      I want a mechanism such that main method returns and terminate normally after sending a message and also at the same time ,i want to put back my live connection object to pooling framework.
      Thanks in advance
      Reply wud be appreciated