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    Messaging works in stand-alone client but not in Enterprise

    Alfred Thomas Newbie

      Hi guys

      I use JBoss 4.0.5GA and Messaging 1.0.1.SP2.
      I have eventually got a stand-alone app to work with the JMS server. All the JMS stuff was put in a JAR file. The problem is now when I include my JMS JAR into an enterpise application it fails again with "Failed to config client side AOP".
      My enterprise app is deployed on the same JBoss instance that Messaging is running on.
      I have now read quite a few conflicting stuff, so can someone please make the following clear to me:

      1) Do I need to include jboss-messaging-client.jar or not.
      2) Do I need to include the Messaging jars e.g. jboss-aop.jar or not.
      3) Do I need to create a scoped EAR file for my enterprise app.

      Thanks for all your help.