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    Jboss ESB Generic methods + Documentation

    Piku Mishra Newbie

      Hi Guys ,

      From the documentation I was able to run the sample application provided by Jboss People. But I am unable to track the flow of the application. I want to develop a generic method so that the developer will call that method to send a Message and he will get a response Message. Can anybody tell me how to develop a customized ESB application so that it can be used in the application. I need a stater guide to achieve this. I would like to make it more specific that a message will go in one Queue and response will be acknowledged in another Queue.

      My method structure will be like this

      public Message sendAndGet(Message msg,... some other parameters)
      //Receive the message and send it to Queue A
      //make a webservice call
      //Generate a response message
      //Send the response message to the caller
      //The response message should come from the Queue B


      If I get any response in this regard, I will be obliged to the Jboss community.