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    How do I set up Clustering in 2 separate machines?

    M V Newbie

      Another question from JBoss Messaging newbie..

      I am able to setup 1.2.0GA in a cluster environment as described in the docs - ie multiple nodes on the same physical machine, and the distributedQueue example runs fine.

      However, I am unable to setup clustering using multiple machines. I have 2 physical machines and Messaging 1.2.0GA installed on them both.

      I cannot get the Messaging servers to recognize that they are in the same cluster. The AS does recognize that the machines are clustered, and HA-JNDI works like expected.

      In the distributedQueue example, the Connection factory always creates a connection to the same server. The doc says that in a clustered environment, the factories will create connections in a round robin fashion.

      What do I need to configure to enable that? Please help!