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    jboss.messaging:service=ServerPeer, ServerPeerID attribute q

    Gabriele Garuglieri Newbie

      Hi all,
      to maintain a lot of JBoss instances in a group of development machines, i created a set of ant tasks that starting with a single JBoss installation, a server-bindings template and a start script template generate running customized configurations applying all the required customization through the binding service.
      This helps me in generating on the fly new instances when needed and to ease release updates.

      It works on everything but the messaging-service.xml where the read only ServerPeerID attribute is initialized via the XMBean constructor tag, that is not supported by the binding manager service.

      What's the reason why the ServerPeerID attribute cannot be rw so that it can be supported with binding manager?
      Any suggestion, other than keeping manually customized jboss-messaging.sar for each instance, that would be difficult to maintain ?.

      Thanks, Gabriele