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    Stange delivery behavior

    Mark A. Kobold Newbie

      I am trying to understand this behavior i am seeing. My application is in the process of being migrated from JBossMQ to JBossMessaging.

      Our application has a JBoss ServiceMBean deployed that manages threads that daemon like process that are the source of JMS messages being produced. So these clients use non-transacted sessions with AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE mode.

      Now the strange part is no JMSExceptions are thrown and everything appears to be sent. However the receiver application gives no indication that it has received any messages. Until after some amount of time has passed, all the messages start to be sent and be processed for no obvious input. Unfortunately i cannot reproduce the events that cause the messages to be actually be sent. With the queue message counters enabled the 'last add' date seems to update fairly often yet none of the counts do.

      However with messaging/JMS tracing one it mentions in the log is something about a PHASE_ONE_COMMIT when the messages happen to get to the queue. This is also confusing as i had already closed the connection and flushed everything out many many minutes ago by the time i saw this in the log.

      So all in all i am having a hard figuring this one out as a lot of information is not available when it comes to actual errors. As the logs say that everything is OK? So any links