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    Server Peer Configuration

    Silviu Necula Newbie

      I have replaced the Hypersonic database with oracle9i datasource.
      I have followed the wiki steps and configure the DefaultDS to point my oracle but when I use the messaging service I do not wish to use persistence i.e no database storage for PersistenceManager,PostOffice or JMSUserManager.

      The problem is that when the server peer starts is depended on PersistenceManager, JMSUSerManager services since I did not add the oracle-pesistence-ds.xml file to the messaging.sar there are no such services. I have tried to comment out the 2 depend statements but it seems that the PersistenceManager name is required when invoking serverStart(..) from ServerPeer.java.

      Question is how can I configure messaging-service.xml for the server peer not to look for the Persistencemanager service ?