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    Is scoped loader-repository feature unusable now

    Chip Schoch Novice

      I see my thread from yesterday and the weekend has disappeared from this forum. Sorry if I breeched protocol somehow.

      Anyway, my question was and continues to be, is it a feature that we can no longer scope a loader repository in an MBean that uses JBM? Having my service code in the main repository makes it difficult to do iterative development, as I prefer to leave JBossAS running and to redeploy with changes, debugging from Eclipse using the remote debugging and the IDE 3.1 deploy feature. Without the scoped loader I must restart the server each time I redeploy a service. I am having trouble particularly with a service that has a jbpm.cfg and associated hibernate.cfg file in my service classpath. It seems the second time I deploy this service it is unable to read the xml files.

      This is in addition to the issue I mentioned in my last post (that was removed) that not scoping the loader repository renders the Log4j TCLFilter inoperable, so I cannot separate my service logging into constituent files. Any insight would be sincerely appreciated, as if this functionality is indeed the desired feature then I must pursue workarounds to the obstacles it has presented me with.