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    How can I use JBoss Messaging 1.3.0.GA in clustered environm

    Ashly Mathew Newbie


      Good to hear that JBoss Messaging 1.3.0.GA is released.

      I have a question.How can I use JBoss Messaging 1.3.0.GA in clustered environment.
      I scenario is
      I can have multiple queues one each in different clusters ,but when i send a message only one queue has to take the message and process the message.if it is already taken for processing ,then no duplicate processing happen from other queues.

      I am Ok with another solution of having single queue and pointing all the clusters into that queue.In this case I need to specify a failover queue also.

      I am new to Jboss messaging.i like to know any documentaion or tutorials are ther where I can refer.Please let me know How can i configure above scenario with Jboss JBoss Messaging 1.3.0.GA .