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    JBoss Messaging suitable for these requirements?

    J K Newbie

      Hi, I have a requirement to throttle the sending of XML messages over HTTP. Basically I am sending 3 types of messages - create, update and read - where I can send a max of 0.5 creates per second, 3 updates and 30 reads.

      My idea is to have 3 queues, 1 for each message type, and delay taking the messages off each queue by the relevant intervals. So for example the create queue will only allow a message to be taken off it every 2 seconds. After the message has been taken off the queue it will be sent as an XML message over HTTP (so JBoss Messaging is basically taking care of the throttling, persistence, redelivery for me)

      I have seen scheduled messages being mentioned, is that something I can use for this requirement? Can I throttle the messages this way?