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    Interoperability C# Clients

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      ActiveMQ and Tibco provides interoperability with C# client throw Spring.NET Messaging APIs.

      I tried ActiveMQ and it worked just fine. The code looked like this:

      ActiveMQ.ConnectionFactory factory =
      new ConnectionFactory("tcp://localhost:61616");

      connection = (Connection)factory.CreateConnection();
      session = (Session)

      topic = session.GetTopic("topictest.messages");
      publisher = session.CreateProducer(topic);
      IMessageConsumer consumer =session.CreateConsumer(topic);
      consumer.Listener+=new MessageListener(consumer_Listener);

      I managed to produce jboss-messaging-client.dll using ikvmc...

      Everything should work with C# once I manage to get connection to the broker...

      I cant find ConnectionFactory in the jboss-messaging-client APIs and I dont know how to use JDNI in C# if that is possible.

      How can I over come this?