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    OutOfMemory Problem for JBM 1.0.1.SP5

    Craig William Newbie

      With JBoss 4.0.4.GA and JBM 1.0.1.SP5 we were testing messaging with publisher and receivers.

      We used Message with content of 1.4 MB.

      Heap Size of JBoss Server was kept with Min of 32mb and Max of 128mb

      We also used PageSize, FullSize and DownCacheSize for a topic to which we are posting the message .

      FullSize configured to 20
      PageSize configured to 15
      DownCacheSize configured to 5

      Here we just subscribed for the message from two machine and then we switched off receiver.( we have durable scubscription from two machine )

      Then publisher is allowed to publish the data , after certain limit, JBoss server memory went out of Memory.

      Currently we have JDK 1.4.2 in Prod environment and we are not in position to upgrade to JDK 1.5 in prod environment due to various constraints to use JBM 1.4.0

      Kindly provide a solution to overcome the OutOfMemory error at JBoss Server side.

      Reply would be very much appreciated