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    Receiver got Stopped with Different JBM Version(1.0.X and 1.


      I could able to notice some strange things.
      I just tried to upgrade JBM 1.0.1.GA to JBM 1.2.0.GA.

      We tried with JBoss AS 4.0.4.GA and JBM 1.2.0.GA.

      Our Code was written against JMS Specification 1.1.

      We used the same with two JBMs

      We used JBM 1.0.1.GA , i started receiver and it was ready to accept the message and it did not close it automatically as all receivers in our codebase will continously wait for the message .It can be closed only by pressing Ctrl+C or sending shutdown control token.

      It also worked as expected when we changed to JBM 1.0.1.SP5.

      The same code behaved differently when i used JBM 1.2.0.GA.
      Receiver started and got closed automatically.I cannot believe it and tried our 5 times ....got the same response.

      No Exception at the Client side.
      I got a warning at the server console ....same old warning

      19:16:45,759 INFO [Server] JBoss (MX MicroKernel) [4.0.4.GA (build: CVSTag=JBoss_4_0_4_GA date=200605151000)] Started in 16s:470ms
      19:19:59,706 WARN [SimpleConnectionManager] ConnectionManager[77f040] cannot look up remoting session ID 5c4o6z10-56l1ob-f4sg55yr-1-f4sg56t5-4
      19:19:59,706 WARN [SimpleConnectionManager] A problem has been detected with the connection to remote client 5c4o6z10-56l1ob-f4sg55yr-1-f4sg56t5-4. It is possible the client has exited without closing its connection(s) or there is a network problem. Al
      l connection resources corresponding to that client process will now be removed.

      How can it happen ???

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          Tim Fox Master


          As already mentioned, 1.0.1.GA is *not* the latest in the 1.0 series.

          Also, 1.2.0.GA is *not* the latest 1.2 release (1.2.0.SP2 is).

          The latest GA release is 1.3.0.GA, and 1.4.0.CR2 will be out shortly followed shortly after by 1.4.0.GA.

          We simply do not have the time to give free support on the forums for every old release. (If you had a support contract we would do this)

          Just to clarify GA = General Availability = Production release

          CR = Candiate release - these preceed a GA release.

          SP = Service pack - used after a GA to apply important fixes.