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    Problems with creating a richfaces skin

    Martin Schrodt Newbie


      I am trying to setup a custom style for all our Seam applications that use richfaces. I started by downloading the darkX skin example, and adapting it to my needs. I stumbled over 2 problems:

      (a) How do I use an Image from org.richfaces.skin.SKIN-NAME.images in an XCSS file?
      Right now I have the following:

      in resources-config.xml:
      and in dataTable.xcss:
      <u:selector name=".rich-datalist" >
       <u:style name="list-style-image">
       <f:resource f:key="images/testimage.gif" />

      However, no list-style-image does show up in the output. What am I doing wrong?

      (b) Gradient colors:
      When using the glass or plastic gradient style, the colors came out lighter than the ones I gave. Also, richfaces ignored the gradientColor setting. When using plain mode, it got the baseColor right, but ignored the gradientColor (using #00000, no matter what I gave):
      <u:style name="background-position" value="0% 50%" />
      <u:style name="background-image">
       <f:resource f:key="org.richfaces.renderkit.html.CustomizeableGradient">
       <f:attribute name="valign" value="middle" />
       <f:attribute name="gradientHeight" value="36px" />
       <f:attribute name="baseColor" skin="headerBackgroundColor" />
       <f:attribute name="gradientColor" skin="headerGradientColor" />

      How can I get a gradient that shows the exact colors that I gave?

      I use richfaces 3.2.2.GA with Seam 2.0.1.GA on JBoss 4.2.1.GA using an EAR packaging, where the SKIN-NAME.jar is loaded by the EAR classloader and made available via application.xml: