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    onMessage not being fired for message on a queue

    Anders Van Dildo Newbie

      Hi, Group.

      This question is vague and I apologise for that up front. I'm mainly looking for pointers to help me determine where to start looking.

      I have an application that:
      1. produces a message
      2. writes the message to a database
      3. pushes the message to queue
      4. update the record in the database
      5. sends the message to a topic
      6. a consumer then consumes the messages on the topic

      steps 1-3 happen in a servlet running on server1
      steps 4-5 happen in the onMessage method in an MDB running on server2

      All the messages make it to the database so I know that steps 1, 2 and 3 are all working. I have a debug statement in the onMessage method and I can see that it's not being called for every message e.g. I send 450 messages but the onMessage is only executed 210 times. When I look in the JBM_MSG table I see what I believe are the missing messages (I check the headers column using the SQL below).

      Can anyone suggest a reason why the onMessage method would not be called for every message? I know it's being called sometimes, just not all the time. I think I must be missing a config parameter or something.

      I am using JBM 1.3 GA and Oracle.

      Peace, Anders

      SQL to check jbm_msg.headers:
      FROM jbm_msg