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    Running Smoke tests

    Vinicius Carvalho Apprentice

      Hello there! I not being able to run the smoke tests suite.

      I've created the 3 instances (messaging -> default, messaging0,messaging1->all with cluster, they can see each other :) )

      To run, I've bound each of ther servers to an ip:,, (none of them are my localhost, but alias on the eth0 interface)

      When I run the ant script I get the smoketestqueue deployed but i get an error on the ping-queue:

      [java] 18:59:16,208 ERROR [Twiddle] Exec failed
       [java] javax.management.InstanceNotFoundException: jboss.messaging.destination:name=queue/SmokeTestQueue,service=Queue is not registered

      Well, the odd thing is that the queue is deployed on the jmx-console.

      Another problem I've found is that the script has a
      LOT of references to localhost. When I first ran I got an error because, as said before, localhost was not mapped to any of my instances. So I changed the non-clustered to be the localhost and I get this error.

      Can someone please assist me on these? I really need a smoke test for a customer (we will have a subscription once it is deployed).

      Best regards