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    how to connect to a remote queue - with JBM over HTTP

    Mark Meyer Newbie

      hello everyone,

      i am trying to understand and adapt the code found in the $JBM/examples/http directory to send and receive a message from another machine.

      i thought that i had found the answer when i found this "How can I talk to a remote JBM instance from my servlet/MBean/EJB?" under FAQ on the project wiki.


      unfortunately - after reading this FAQ - i am not able to get this to work. one of my problems is that the contents of the FAQ do not seem to match anything i can find in a file - for instance - i was able to locate my jms-ds.xml file but there is not tag in this file for ProviderUrl and when i try to put one in the file - jboss throws an error when i start it up.

      can someone point me to a better example of how to talk and read from a remote queue using JBM?