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    Service Dependency order

    Vinicius Carvalho Apprentice

      Hello there! This is not a specific question to messaging, but it depends on the messaging deployer, so I hope I find some help here!
      I'm creating a custom deployer, that loads some message consumers on startup. I'm having a little problem with dependency. If I startup my jboss instance, and then deploy my SAR file, the consumers receives all messages they are listening to. But, if I start jboss with my SAR it seems that it is starting before something (sorry for the total ignorance), and hence messages are not being consumed.
      If I depend on the jboss messaging service, what bean should I be waiting for? Also, I need to wait for all destinations to be loaded (I don't know the specific destination name, since the user defines it on my deployer specialized xml file descriptor).

      Please, any help would be really nice.