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    Remote messaging server (1.0.1SP5) with muliple clients, som

    Edwin van der Elst Newbie


      I have a very complicated deployment problem.
      JBoss Messaging 1.0.1SP5, deployed on JBoss 4.0.5.GA

      There are multiple clients (all running in seperate JVM's):
      - some standalone apps
      - j2ee applications, using an MDB, jboss 4.0.5.GA, with a scoped-ear deployment. There is a jboss-messaging.sar deployed there as well.
      - j2ee apps, sending JMS messages, also scoped-ears

      This all works if there is no firewall.
      Now, I can get everthing to work if the jboss-messaging is behind a firewall, by specifying various -D options and a 'cientConnectAddress' in the remoting-service from the jboss-messaging deployment.

      Now, the (even more) complicated part:
      I also have a client (ear, jboss-4.0.5) that is deployed on the same host as jboss-messaging. This instance *must not* use the firewall. If I remove the options added for the firewall, this client can connect, but the others can't.....

      Is this possible to get workingThe options (-D for rmi host etc.) are all global...

      I was thinking of configuring a different connector (remoting-service.xml) without the clientConnectAddress, but this will not help with the global options regarding the RMI.

      Any thoughts?