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    Is Jboss Messaging ready for Mission Critical Application?

    davide pasinato Newbie

      Hi Everybody,
      I am not writing to report a bug or a problem. Actually I was able to install a Jboss 4.2.1 cluster with Jboss Messaging 1.4 GA.
      I am writing bc I am interested in unsing Jboss Messaging in my production enviroment but I am actually wondering the stability/performance of Jboss Messaging compared with other MQ systems. I haven't found much on the internet.
      Right now, I have a java stand alone application (mission critical indeed) that uses Sun MQ 3.6. My application deals with 500K messages per day. Message's size is btw 2k and 2 MB.
      The JMS provider I use, is also a java stand alone application. My architecture works fine but I would like to move my queues inside an application server so that eventually I will be able to deploy a new version of my application inside a J2EE container. In this way I would be able to run my application in a cluster.
      My manager wants me to suggest the application server/JMS provider. Basically, I have to choose btw BEA Weblogic and Jboss Messaging. BEA JMS Provider has been tested successfully within my company and is definitively a save solution. I like Jboss cluster better as BEA realizes a "fake" cluster of JMS destinations.
      Is there any document regarding Jboss Messaging performance/stability, some benchmark where jboss Messaging is compared to other JMS Provider? some successful study-case? I need some doc to help my proposed solution to be sure that JMSG can deal with my traffic and it is a stable product.
      Correct me if I am wrong, but at the moment it is not possible to buy a support service for Jboss messaging, right?