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    JBoss Messaging 1.4.0 noLocal subscriber fills topic causing

    Michael Ihde Newbie

      In our application we have found that a simple Publisher/Subscriber that has noLocal set will eventually fill the topic with messages, and if the topic has no maximum size then a OutOfMemory Heap error will occur.

      Our configuration isn't clustered and can be recreated using only a single publisher and subscriber connection. Basically after starting the publisher, I use the JMX console to monitor the message counter, which keeps increasing. If I don't invoke the removeAllMessages method or disconnect the client then the server eventually runs out of memory. If I attach other subscribers, their message counters stay at zero because they receive their message. It appears that the server doesn't receive an ACK for the ignored message. I'm going to look at the code to see if I can find anything.

      Is it possible that this is a configuration problem on my server? Did the API for ignoring local messages change between JBoss MQ and JBoss Messaging (our identical code ran fine with JBoss MQ).

      Thanks for your help.