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    JBoss appl. server 4.2.1 and JBoss Messaging.

    ingimar erlingsson Newbie


      Doing the examples in the 'Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0' from O'Reilly.
      Using JBoss 4.2.1GA.
      Wondering, should I install JBoss Messaging now that I would like
      to learn JMS and learn in the best way from the beginning - or
      should I slow down and just take the examples step by step ?
      I have found quite good examples for how to install resources in Glassfish,
      and then fetching them with DI using the @Resource annotation within
      my Session Beans - but how to I register a resource in JBoss,
      is there a similiar way or should I write a jboss.xml and put it in the deploy directory.

      thank you for taking your time.

      regards, i