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    Does JBossMessaging imposes Message Order?

    mskonda Apprentice


      I have a business requirement to preserve the order of messages posted on a topic. AFAIK, JMS doesn't define the message ordering. However, few providers went a mile ahead and implemented message ordering above the spec.

      How about JBM? If I use 1.2.0, can I get the Message order by default? I vaguely remember you mentioning on one of the posts that JBM Message order is 'coincidental' (I searched hundreds of your posts but no success to find that). Could you enlighten me on this?

      I see that in 1.4.0 you have implemented DefaultMessageOrdering attribute in ServerPeer so the ordering can be preserved (across cluster and not cluster, am I right?). However, we are a bit far away to go with this version yet.