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    JBoss Server freeze with error [org.jboss.remoting.transport

    Panduranga Manuru Newbie

      We are running JBoss 4.2 with JBoss Messaging 1.3

      Our JMS components consist of
      -- JMS Topic that recieves large number of messges from a Data pump client.
      -- An MDB listens to this Topic
      -- Queue that recieves sort of heartbeat messages
      -- An MDB that listens to heartbeat messages and responds.

      We had a strang problem today where the MDBs we have stopped recieveing any messages and also clients unable to make connection to the Queue & Topic.
      Only error we see in the error log is that
      [org.jboss.remoting.transport.bisocket.BisocketClientInvoker] Unable to send ping: shutting down PingTimerTask
      that occurs many times.

      We did restarted the server and the problem disappeared. We had been running the server for 2 weeks prior to this problem.
      We are bit clueless on why this error occurred. Any ideas