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    how to create new user fro durable topic in jms

    vikas kumar Newbie

      Hi ,
      can anbody give me procedure to to make new user ,password aand clientid fro durable topic in jms


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          mskonda Apprentice

          it depends on where your login module is looking the authentication details.

          If you are working on the JBM defaults, it reads the users and roles from two files: messaging-roles.properties and messaging-users.properties.

          These files should be available under deploy/jboss-messaging.sar (until JBM 1.2.x version. I am not sure their location once scoping was removed from 1.3.x. Do search on them).

          You should be able to add the usernames/passwords/roles in these files.

          However, if you are are using DatabaseLoginModule (check your login-config.xml to see what the application-policy "messaging" is point to), then they exist in JBM_USER and JBM_ROLE tables.