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    Missing message statistics

    Maurice Zeijen Master

      First some tech info:

      JBoss: 4.2.2
      Messaging: 1.4.SP1
      Java: 6.0
      OS: Windows XP 64

      I am working on a project to move our application from JBoss MQ to JBoss Messaging. While testing I saw that the message statistics didn't change. All the values stay 0. I looked in the manual to see if I need to configure anything to enable it. The only thing I could find was the MessageCounterHistoryDayLimit attribute. Changing this value from -1 to something else didn't change anything. I did see that when a message is waiting in the queue that this is shown, but the statistics about how much messages the queue has processed always stays 0. I have the same problems with Topics.

      Am I missing something? Did I configure something wrong?