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    After multiple disconnections client application is unable t

    Sailendranath Kasavajjhula Newbie


      Following is the environment that I am using:

      1) JBOSS4.2.2 running on a Linux Box

      2) JBOSS Messaging 1.4.0.SP2

      3) I have configured JBOSS server to a MYSQL database server (JBOSS and MYSQL database are on the same BOX)

      4) I am using queues for sending and receiving messages.
      I have configured the FullSize = 1000, PageSize = 2 and DownCacheSize = 2

      Problem Description:

      1) I have written a producer application which populates the JBOSS server's MYSQL database with 3 million messages.

      2) Now, I stop the producer application and start the message consumer application

      3) Consumer gets the messages from JBOSS server (by retrieving the messages from the MYSQL database)

      4) During the process of message consumption, I forcebly kill the consumer application.
      I repeat this process N number of times (during my testing I have done this like 10 - 15 times).
      During (N+1)th iteration and subsequent iterations, the consumer application is unable to establish connection to the
      JBOSS server. Sometimes, it is also observed that JBOSS server is lossing connection to the MYSQL database server.

      If somebody faced the similar problem, please let me know, how I can resolve this issue.