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    Clustered environment with non persistent messages ?

    Jan Matuszewski Newbie

      We are running under JBoss 4.0.5 using JBossMQ as a messaging engine. 0ur platform is based on very extensive messaging - there are about 400 producers multiplexing jms messages to about 400 consumers which listen on bind queues (queue per consumer). There are no selectors used due to performance tip (http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JBMPerf point 5.) - routing is done on the application level. The messages also must be persisted – data loss is unacceptable.
      Because our traffic load increases constantly we are slowly just about to lean against the performance wall. So we are seriously thinking about switching to JBossMessaging(1.4) to benefit from performance enhancements but also, which is more important we want to avoid persisting messages – because as every child knows - persistence is a performance killer for JMS. In order to avoid data loss we are thinking of configuring clustered environment with distributed queues – thanks to that while one node crushes enqueued messages are still available. Surly if all nodes crush the data loss is inevitable – but we can cope with that … but the target is bright : performance.

      So after this long introduction the questions are:
      + Is it possible to configure clustered environment with not-persistent messages ?
      + What happens with the messages when one of nodes crushes – can we avoid data loss ?

      Thanks in advance for any help !