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    JBossMessaging 1.4.1.Beta1 Released

    Clebert Suconic Master

      We just released 1.4.1.Beta1.

      This is release was done basically to deliver a functionality required by JBoss 5. (SecurityMetadataStore as a pluggable interface). Because of this new functionality, this release will require a change on a config file (messaging-service.xml).

      This is the task list for this release:

      Release Notes - JBoss Messaging - Version 1.4.1.beta1

      ** Bug
      * [JBMESSAGING-1216] - getJMSDestination() is returning an incorrect object type after a message has been delivered.
      * [JBMESSAGING-1221] - Memory Leak in MessagingXAResource

      ** Feature Request
      * [JBMESSAGING-1223] - Make SecurityStore Configurable

      You can also see this list at this URL: