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    JBoss-Messaging throughput for persisted messages

    Cyndi Apples Newbie

      Is there any known limitation of the of throughput JBoss-Messaging?
      We are currently processing a queue which contains thousands of object-messages. We have 15 instances of the consumer MDB which is processing the data from this queue. We would expect all 15 instance to be utilized concurrently, but instead not all are being used this way. Some instance's "onMessage()" are not being called for over a minute in some cases even though there is plenty of data in the queue. Also we are seeing the application is not CPU or IO bound.

      Here our processing environment:

      * JBoss-Messaging 1.4.0_SP3
      ** Non-Clustered
      ** All queues reside and are processed within the same JVM

      * Persistent Environment
      ** PostgresSQL 8.25

      * JBoss 4.2.2GA

      * EJB 2.1