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    measuring server-side message throughput

    Marek Neumann Novice

      Is there an easy way to get a valid measurement of the current server-side throughput of the whole messaging server including all queues which are in use? I know that there are JMX attributes for monitoring queue sizes and histories but what about the total message throughput per second? As we are developing a system which receives high loads, it would be mandatory to monitor the overall performance. Is there a way? If not, are there interfaces which could be implemented to achieve that?


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          Andy Taylor Master

          Currently statistics can only be gathered on a queue by queue basis via the QueueService mbean.

          You can of course write you're own service that does looks up all the queues deployed and does this for you.

          In JBM2 which should be available towards the end of the year(alpha in the next few weeks) we have designed a much richer management interface.