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    Add setters/getters to the JMX MBean interface to MDB?

    Steve Stair Newbie

      JMX is exposing an interface to my MDB, under jboss.j2ee. It looks like this

       * ear=DVS3App-M3.ear,jar=Core-M3.jar,name=MailMessageBean,service=EJB3

      This MBean exposes start() and stop() operations in the JMX console. My question is, is there any way to add a setter/getter to that MBean.

      I know I can get similar functionality by making a separate MBean with setters/getters and then have my MDB get the info from this MBean, but I thought since JBoss is already making an MBean, I might be able to piggyback on it, thus keeping config and management of my MDB in one place.

      If I can't add getters/setters to the generated MBean, is there any way to add the same management capabilities to my own MBean?