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    auto discovery via multicasting problem

    Brad Fach Newbie


      I am trying to determine what is causing this following issue. I have 2 VM's running with a JBoss running on each. Each of the JBoss's is running clustered with only one node in the partition. In other words I have 2 clusters each with 1 jboss running (More than one in the future but having only one for test right now).

      The situation is that if I send a message via a JMSClient (standalone) to a queue that is deployed, the message is received by both jbosses in both clusters.

      I determined that the JMSClient has auto discovered the other JBoss and is sending to the same queue on the other Jboss as well.

      Attempts at a solution was to edit the cluster-server.xml file in the deploy directory and set disablediscovery to true with no effect.

      Please let me know if you require more information.

      Thanks for the help in advance!