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    Bridge MaxBatchTime does not work with 1.4.0.SP3

    Markus Lutum Novice

      Hi JBM Team!

      After upgrading from 1.4.0.GA to SP3 i have a problem that some messages stays in the source queue instead of been bridged to the destination.

      My bridge connects a local queue with a remote queue and uses an selector.
      The settings:

       <attribute name="QualityOfServiceMode">2</attribute>
       <attribute name="Selector">DEST_NODE='AEOS C'</attribute>
       <attribute name="MaxBatchSize">5</attribute>
       <attribute name="MaxBatchTime">1000</attribute>

      I noticed that sometime 1 or 3 messages stays there. They are nor timing out after 1000 ms. If I add again some messages to the source the missing once are sended.

      I never had this behavior with the older version.

      Any Ideas? Bug?