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    Switching DefaultDS in JBoss 5


      I have been trying to find out how to perform various tasks that I'm familiar with in JBoss 4.x in JBoss 5. One thing I have not been able to figure out is how to switch the datasource used for messaging to another database besides Hypersonic.

      I understand the steps described here:


      but that is not the issue.

      I don't know where to find the relevant XXX-persistence-service.xml files for whatever database we need.

      I can see the hsqldb-persistence-service.xml file in the deploy/messaging folder but no equivalent to replace this with.

      In the past these persistence files were in the docs/examples/jms folder but there is nothing equivalent to these files in JBoss 5.

      I didn't want to open a JIRA before asking because perhaps I'm just missing something.

      Stuart Smith

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          At this time the XXX-persistence-service.xml files are not provided with JBossAS - you have to get them from the JBoss Messaging download. (I hope that this oversight is corrected in the CR1 release or definitely by GA. Hint. Hint.)

          5.0.beta4 uses JBoss Messaging 1.4.1.Beta1. Download that exact version of JBoss Messaging binary, and the XXX-persistence-service.xml files are located in exemples/config. (Note that is you download the wrong version, it will not work!)

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            Would it be appropriate to open a JIRA to make sure these example files are included in JBoss 5? Obviously JBoss 5 will at some point freeze the version of JBoss messaging included and could include the appropriate files at that time.

            Without these example files it would be very difficult from what I understand to easily setup a different database for use in JBoss messaging from what you download with JBoss AS.


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              This is done at JBoss5 for next release already.

              If you build it from SVN you would probably see it.

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                I tried to browse around to find the files without setting up how to build but couldn't see them right off the bat. That is why I asked before going the JIRA route.