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    Redelivery policy and DLQ

    Clement Descamps Newbie


      I can't find any information about redelivery policy and use of DLQ for JBoss Messaging. Maybe someone should answer to my questions:

      1/ In which general cases a message would be redelivered or sent to a DLQ (rollback, connection closed, etc.) ?

      2/ Where do I have to change my config to modify the "MaxDeliveryAttempts" (actualy, I wrote 5 but, consequently to 1 rollback on my session, my message went in the DLQ and not in my initial queue, as I expected) ?

      I have to say I have just one queue (myQueue) and a DLQ. I use a CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE session. I just have 1 message (myMessage), i don't mind the order of the messages in myQueue. And this is my goal : I want to "obtain" my myMessage from myQueue 5 times. I will fail to manage it 5 times so the 4th first times I want this message to go back to myQueue and the 5th time I want it to go to my DLQ.

      Thank for the help !