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    DLQ override depends on the queues definition order.

    Sergey Zhigunov Newbie

      I set DLQ for MyQ to MyDLQ.

      The queues are defined in destinations-service.xml.

      If MyDLQ is defined before MyQ, everything works fine.

      But if MyDLQ is defined after MyQ, the behavior is confusing.
      1) Server starts up without errors.
      2) MyQ MBean shows MyDLQ as the value of DLQ attribute.
      3) But failed message gets sent to the default DLQ destination.
      4) If I execute "Apply Changes" on MyQ MBean (without changing the attributes), it fixes the problem,
      and next failed message goes to MyDLQ.

      If it is not a bug, I think it worth to mention in the user guide that queue and DLQ have to be defined in the correct order.