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    Performance Tuning for Jboss Messaging

    Brad Fach Newbie


      I am running Jboss4.2.2.GA with 1.4.0.SP3.

      I have 2 MDBs running. The first MDB accepts the message from a remote client, determines which queue it needs to go to and sends it to the appropriate queue. The second MDB prepares it and sends it to a third party monitoring software.

      The issue i am having is that the second MDB requires much more resources than the first. I am trying to tweek the performance to give the second MDB more resources and speed up processing.

      So far i have two properties "maxPoolSize" and "maxSessions"

      The performance tuning notes for messaging are a bit thin. I am looking for a rule of thumb on these parameters as well as others I might have not mentioned.

      The goal is to increase performance for the second MDB. I have tried a variation of the parameters with varried results.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!