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    JBM messages getting stuck in queue?

    Mr. Overlord Newbie

      The basic problem is that JBM messages appear to be getting stuck in a queue somewhere. I don't know where they're getting stuck and I don't know how to troubleshoot it.

      I'm using JBM 1.4.1.Beta1 and JBoss AS 4.2.2.GA. I'm also using JBR 2.2.2.SP8.

      I'm using a clustered queue on clustered JBoss application servers.

      Non-clustered JBoss instances containing MDBs are configured to consume the messages from the clustered queue. I'm using a JBM bridge to take messages from the clustered queue and deliver them to a local queue on the non-clustered JBoss instances which are then consumed by the MDBs.

      The MDBs are returning a response using a typical temporary queue replyTo pattern.

      Anyhow messages all flow nicely for a while but then it all gets jammed up and stuck and petty quickly nothing is moving.

      What do you think is going on?

      How do I even begin to trouble shoot the problem?

      I tried using the JMX console but it shows nothing in the queue (listAllMessages). In fact I've never seen the JMX console show anything in the queue ever and I believe it's malfunctioning. It always returns "[]".

      I'm also getting a lot of deadlock error messages relating to the JBM_COUNTER table. JBM is apparently trying to increment some counter by doing a select followed by an update. The database I'm using is Sybase 15. I'm using an a transaction isolation level of READ_COMITTED and have changed the table to datarow locking.