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    JBM bridge batch size setting?

    Mr. Overlord Newbie

      What values should I use for these JBM bridge configuration items:


      I've set mine to MaxBatchSize=10 and MaxBatchTime=2000 but I'm not sure if that's the best setting for me.

      I'm using the bridge to send many frequent messages from a clustered queue to a group of non-clustered Jboss AS instances.

      Each message is consumed and processed by MDBs in usually 100ms or less.

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          Andy Taylor Master

          The MaxBatchSize is how many messages are sent in a batch within a transacted session. If you're sending lots of messages, increasing this property may increase performance. As far as MaxBatchTime goes, this is the maximum time to wait for the batch size to be reached before sending the messages, if you're sending lots of messages very quickly this setting wont make any difference.

          I would suggest running some timing tests yourself to find the optimum settings