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    Messages stuck in Queue using the Bridge - Transaction issue

    Markus Lutum Novice

      Hi again!

      JMB 1.4.0.SP3 on Jboss 4.2.3
      I have 2 Servers A and B.
      On B I have 3 Bridges configured which pulls and pushes messages from and to A.

      If I kill B and restart it or im I break the network connection I have the Problem that some messages are stuck in the Queues on A and B.
      The Bridge is no longer transport them. Also my ejb3 slsb does not consume the messages.

      session = conn.createSession(true, Session.SESSION_TRANSACTED);
      consumer = session.createConsumer(m_queue);
      Message msg = (Message) consumer.receive(20000);

      I get log messages like:
      On B every 2 minutes (where the Bridges are deployed)
      11:13:45,890 WARN [loggerI18N] [com.arjuna.ats.internal.jta.resources.arjunacore.norecoveryxa] [com.arjuna.ats.internal.jta.resources.arjunacore.norecoveryxa] Could not find new XAResource to use for recovering non-serializable XAResource < 131075, 27, 25, 1-a046baa:7f1:489c0041:a420a046baa:7f1:489c0041:a459

      and on A once:
      10:32:38,109 WARN [SimpleConnectionManager] ConnectionManager[16269c] cannot look up remoting session ID a42z4q-bfwpc7-fjmiug2o-1-fjmiv15t-26
      10:32:38,109 WARN [SimpleConnectionManager] A problem has been detected with the connection to remote client a42z4q-bfwpc7-fjmiug2o-1-fjmiv15t-26, jmsClientID=null. It i
      s possible the client has exited without closing its connection(s) or the network has failed. All connection resources corresponding to that client process will now be re

      The Messages in JBM_MSG_REF have state "+" and "-" and there are transactions assigned in transaction_id.

      Restarting servers has no effect. What happened and how can I solve this?
      What does this message state mean?


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          Markus Lutum Novice


          I still have this issue? Any idea?
          Currently the productive system is not working correct anymore.
          So the pressure to solve it is big.

          A desperate programmer

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            Tim Fox Master

            Those "stuck" messages, are messages that have been sent or consumed as part of an XA transaction, and the server failed (crashed?) before the XA transaction committed or rolled back.

            If you're familiar with XA/JTA, you'll know they're in a "prepared" state (I suggest googling on XA if you're not up to speed).

            So, *something* needs to decide to commit them or roll them back. That something is normally the recovery manager - this is a component of JBoss AS (see JBoss TS), not JBM, that decides this.

            There is a section in the use guide for how to configure XA recovery. Most probably you haven't set this up, so messages will stay "stuck" until you do.