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    bridging/routing question

    Colin Stefani Newbie

      I am a Tibco EMS dev/admin/user. So have created a few patterns around some of Tibco EMS's features (possibly to our detriment). But I have a couple of scenarios/questions I'd like to throw out there so I can understand JBoss Messaging better and compare capability.

      One of them is comparing it to the bridging that Tibco provides. We often have an application which is outputting to a topic and from there we will create a bridge over to a local queue for consumption by another application and then another bridge to a different queue (likely with a different selector) for yet another application. This way we get a nice "routing" going on and can stop/control the flow of messages as needed and "hook-up" new applications easily. Sometimes we'll bridge one message type from a single topic to many queues/topics (one to many pattern).

      We have a couple of cases where we'll bridge from a queue to a topic in order to monitor the messages being published without interfering with the consuming application in the queue. We may even do a one to many pattern with this where one queue is bridged over to multiple destinations for either production use, support or monitoring. Note, Tibco does NOT consume the message off the queue when doing this, it basically "copies" the message under the covers from the queue to the topics.

      To that end, is it possible do this pattern in Jboss Messaging? Most importantly is the ability to go from a Queue to a topic *without* consuming the message off the queue, think of it like a wiretap to the queue.

      Lastly, having not fully installed it yet, is there feature to allow the creation of "dynamic" bridges (i.e. on the fly using a command line console or JMX interface)? Again useful for quickly setting up a destination topic and bridging a queue over to it to see what floats by during the course of operation.

      I'm evaluating JBoss messaging and it will be important to NOT have to re-pattern my apps and support teams if possible.