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    global message interceptor

    bodrin b. Newbie

      Is there a way in JBM.1.4.0.SP* to setup a message interceptor that intercepts all the messages send(/received) to(/from) all destinations?

      I need this mainly for debugging purposes - to track what, where and when is send and consumed.
      I want just to insert a simple logic, but may be just logging the messages send/consumed will be enough in the first place.
      Do you have such a logger?

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          bodrin b. Newbie

          do u have such a thing?

          it will be helpful for monitoring/debuging/integration testing

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            Clebert Suconic Master

            It is probably possible to change the interceptor's chain on AOP but I don't think it is an easy thing to be done.. so I don't know if I would suggest you going that path.

            That's something we're addressing on JBM 2.

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              bodrin b. Newbie

              Nice to hear that! Hope that we will be able to intercept messages in JBM2. Could you share some more info on that if it is available, please?

              You know we are currently integrating 5 systems with JMS and it is hell sometimes. Someone says I should have sent message XYZ, but the other side does not receive it, or it receives it, but rollbacks unexpectedly and does not see the exception at first an so on...

              I don't know when JBM2 can be used in production and until then we will be using JBM1.
              So, if at least there are some loggers wich dump information about messages being consumed/produced will be helpful too?