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    standalone client pooling of JMS resources

    Jon Oler Newbie

      I have a working standalone JBM 1.4 java client application that publishes messages to a JBoss Application Server running JBM. It is a multithreaded application that will eventually produce (not receive) messages at a pretty high rate, so I will require some form of client-side caching/pooling of JMS connections/sessions/producers. Does JBM provide any support for pooling of JMS resources in a standalone java client? If JBM doesn't have any client-side JMS resource pooling support, can you recommend any other libraries that might be applicable? I'd rather not have to write this myself.

      I doubt this affects the answer, but I'll also mention (just in case) that my standalone java client also writes to the database and will need to use XA transactions so that database writes and the publishing of JMS messages are atomic.