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    Messaging distribution problem

    Tim Shaw Newbie


      I'm using JBoss EAP 4.3 (which contains 4.2 AS and 1.4.0 JBM).
      I have 2 clustered machines, identical apart from the ServerNode id.
      The DB is running on a separate machine (MySQL), and the DefaultDS is configured
      to point to a 'jbossdb' database.
      The connection factory is JmsXA.

      I have an application which, when it receives a call, puts 10000 messages onto a queue. Each message is then processed by an MDB.

      Everything works fine ... but :
      - When only one machine is running the messages are all processed in 54 seconds, and the MDB processing takes an average of 30 ms.
      - When both machines are running the messages take 6 1/2 minutes to process and the average time is 60+ ms!

      The distribution of messages between the systems seems fairly even - Java CPU time is roughly the same on both machines.

      I have played with the 'prefetch' params, and all the message bean params I can find, but nothing I do seems to make a difference.
      I have read the documentation and forums and can find nothing I haven't tried.

      Could anybody point me towards other things to investigate please - the entire system is based on horizontal scalability via MDB's and is dead in the water if I can't get quicker throughput by adding more machines.

      Many Thanks.