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    JBoss MDB fails to consume from JBoss ESB queue

    Stefan Thomas Newbie


      we try to deploy a EJB3 MDB on a JBoss AS 4.2.2.GA which shall consume messages from a remote JBoss ESB 4.2.1.GA queue (both running under Linux).

      As I have learned already, the JBoss ESB already uses JBoss Messaging while JBoss AS comes with JBoss MQ by default.

      However, we tried to set up the RemoteJMSProvider as described in

      And we have put the jboss-messaging-client.jar into the JBoss AS's servers lib folder.

      The machine boots without errors but once some messages are available for consumption, we get the following error approx every 30 seconds:

      05:32:42,366 WARN [BisocketServerInvoker] org.jboss.remoting.transport.bisocket.BisocketServerInvoker$ControlMonitorTimerTask@4672b784: detected failure on control connection Thread[control: Socket[addr=/172.xyz.xyz.xyz,port=3307,localport=42468],5,JBoss Pooled Threads] (4sj74h-ajpkoc-flih1kk3-1-flih2303-b: requesting new control connection

      ... and no messages are consumed by the MDB.

      Do we have to switch the JBoss AS from JBoss MQ completely to JBoss Messaging?
      We only want to deploy a simple MDB and we are not using any JMS from the JBoss AS at all!

      By the way, we also tried to replace the orignal jboss-remoting.jar 2.2.2.SP1 of the JBoss AS with versions 2.5.0 and 2.2.2.GA.
      But with the same result.

      Any suggestions?


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          Tim Fox Master

          The correct jars needed on the JBM client side classpath are detailed in the JBM user guide.

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            Stefan Thomas Newbie

            Hi Tim,

            thank you for focusing me on this. It has been a while since we have been looking at that list of required jars.

            In the meantime we tried JBoss AS 4.2.1.GA to host our MDB. This works fine now - just with adding the jboss-messaging-client.jar (without any changes to existing jars - like patching the jboss-remoting.jar).
            I may also mention that the same combination: JBoss AS 4.2.2.GA MDB against a JBoss ESB 4.2.1 works on Windows/Windows too! But not on Linux/Linux :-(

            I guess the list of jars mentioned in the user guides serves well when programming a standalone client program. I remember we used this before to get a simple client running with our ESB. But they will likely conflict with the rest of the jars of the JBoss AS. We tried to put jbossall-client.jar into the server/default/lib folder before (when we was still trying with 4.2.2) and it raised exceptions on startup.
            Also I do not see how to control the order in which jars are loaded from the server/default/lib folder (e.g. to ensure that the patched jboss-remoting.jar is loaded before jbossall-client.jar).

            I am wondering if so little people have this configuration: Running JBoss AS instances against a JBoss ESB using MDBs. It would be nice to have some more hints - for each release - which jars/settings have to be considered. I hardly found anything (googeling, searching the Wiki) regarding this combination.