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    Takes much time to Startup - 1.4.0.SP3

    Craig William Newbie


      I have downloaded latest version of JBoss Messaging(1.4.0.SP3) to replace our older version in Prod Environment.
      With previous version, JBoss messaging server takes lot of time to start and we suspect the reason could be SQL scripts(Create and
      updates )available in mysql-persistence-service.xml file.

      Following are the attributes in mysql-persistence-service.xml, which makes the Queries run .

      <attribute name="CreateTablesOnStartup">true</attribute>
      <attribute name="UsingBatchUpdates">true</attribute>

      Suppose if we make these atrribute values to be false, will there be any impact.Please provide your suggestion on this

      We have millions of messages which are pending to be delivered from the JBoss messaging server.