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    JBoss Messaging -do I have to download it for JBoss 5 CR2

    ilango gurusamy Novice

      I have been using JBoss 5 CR2 for at least a month and a half now. I have been running JMS programs in JBoss 5 CR2.
      I have been making the following assumption:

      1) Jboss messaging is an integral part of JBoss 5 that was shipped by default when I downloaded JBoss 5 AS.

      2) Some documentation on the Web seems to tell me to actually download it for JBoss 5. (Confusing!)

      So my question is:
      What should I do about JBoss Messaging. Is there any separate download I need to do to get it installed OR do I not not have to do anything.

      If it is already there, do I have to install something.

      What is the version of JBoss Messaging shipped with JBoss 5, if it was indeed the case?

      Are there samples in JBoss Messaging?

      Please help me with answers to these questions.