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    client time out when last cluster node shutdown

    Rafael Crooke Vilela Newbie

      We are using Jboss-4.2.3GA and JBM 1.4.0 SP3 CP4 in cluster mode (2 nodes). Same configuration in 2 nodes (except peer id):

      supportsFailover = true
      supportsLoadBalancing = true
      failoverOnNodeLeave = true

      The client is subscribe to one cluster Topic using ClusteredConnectionFactory

      When I clean shutdown (or kill process) the last node (the first node shutdown produces transparent failover) does not throw the JMSException at least 30 seconds.

      Can i reduced this time ???? Maybe with this options ???:

      ConnectionValidator.VALIDATOR_PING_PERIOD ("validatorPingPeriod")
      ConnectionValidator.VALIDATOR_PING_TIMEOUT ("validatorPingTimeout"),